At the heart of The Grounds of Alexandria is an unbound passion for the art and science behind coffee. The beans used at The Grounds are selected for their unique qualities and sourced from all around the world. Each origin has its own flavour characteristics; Brazil; sweet and woody, Colombia; smoky with spicy overtones, Ethiopia; wildly sharp with fruit undertones, India; rich and syrupy, and Uganda; aniseed with dark chocolate.

As these beans are specifically selected by their seasonality, we are constantly changing our blends and rotating our single origins to achieve the best tasting coffee. In our Research Facility; we test different beans, roasts and blends to create a rich, aromatic and balanced range of beans.


The Grounds of Alexandria invites wholesale customers who share the same passion and philosophy on coffee. We offer world-class training across all aspects of the coffee journey and deliver ongoing support to ensure the highest standards of quality and customer service. 

If you are interested in learning more about our wholesale operations please contact us at