The Garden

The café at The Grounds of Alexandria opens onto an abundant organic garden overflowing with heirloom vegetables, edible flowers, fragrant herbs, fresh fruit and a small brood of chickens.

A crumbling brick wall covered with creeping vines provides the perimeter for the garden that offers both an urban sanctuary and a daily source of fresh produce for the kitchen at The Grounds to use in their seasonally inspired menu.

The wide selection of produce is grown in the recycled sleeper planter boxes and garden beds, based on a sustainable permaculture approach that is closely guided by nature’s way. The garden at The Grounds uses organic methods to maintain the soil fertility, including companion planting, trench gardening, crop rotation and the use of compost bins and worm farms to provide top quality soil nutrients. As a result, all produce grown at The Grounds is of the finest quality and literally bursting with freshness and flavour.

The Grounds employs a full-time horticulturalist Erin Martin, who works closely with the chef to develop and maintain the garden. Erin is always on hand to answer questions from visitors about the garden and to pass on tips for people to grow their own produce at home.